herbalife products list | herbalife products price list pdf

herbalife products list with authentic information. This this new update herbalife product price list 2021

herbalife products list | herbalife products price list pdf

Herbalife is India’s most valuable company which sales their health nutrition related products in the market. In this article we are announced a new Herbalife Products List. Herbalife only sales the Health and Nutrition Products.

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Herbalife is working on a single niche that is amazing. Marketing Plan of the Herbalife also surged their peoples to doing that business. We are trying to understand about Herbalife company profile and its some history that is given below.

Herbalife India

Herbalife Nutrition is a Global Multi Leve Marketing Company that manufactured their Health and Nutrition based Products or as Supplements. This company is founded in 1980. The owner of Herbalife Company is Mark Hughes. There are approximately 8900 employees work in this company to whole world wide.

Name Herbalife International Private Limited
Owner Mark Jughes
Founded 1980
Products Health and Nutrition
Origin California, USA
Website https://www.herbalife.co.in/

Now we all are know that Herbalife is a Nutrition related company so that the products are used by the players and the gym’s personal. These Nutrition products are more powerful because Herbalife is manufactured only Health and Nutrition related products.

Herbalife Products Price List

So, the Herbalife company gives their whole efforts to make the Nutrition Products. That’s was why the Products of the Herbalife is more energetic. The sale of the herbalife is increased day by day because the peoples are more awarded their health.

In future make sure this company is becoming best Health and Nutrition company. That’s the main reason we are creating this Herbalife Products Price List. It helps you to know the all products of the Herbalife.

If you want to get the all information related with the Herbalife Products list then please go on Herbalife official website where you receive the all types of the information’s related their all-branded nutritional products.

Herbalife Products List 2021

In this Herbalife Products list includes the Nutritional Products like Herbalife Protein Shake, Herbalife Aloe Vera Juice any many more that are given below with their prices.

Sr. No Product Name Price (Rs.)
1 Woman’s choice 1139
2 Protein Bites - Herbalife Product list 590
3 Formula 1 Nutrition Shake 1996
4 Afresh Energy Drink Mix Cinnamon 50 g 744
5 Afresh Energy Drink Mix Tulsi 50 g 744
6 H24 Rebuild Strength 2396
7 Herbal Control 3144
8 Herbalifeline® 60 Softgels 2443
9 Afresh Energy Drink Mix Ginger 50 g 744
10 Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Banana Caramel 500 g 1996
11 Afresh Energy Drink Mix Elaichi 50 g Afresh Energy Drink Mix Elaichi 50 g
12 Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Mango 500 g 1996
13 Beta Heart Vanilla 2054
14 Afresh Energy Drink Mix Lemon 50 g 744
15 Herbal Aloe concentrate (original) 2469
16 Active fiber complex – Unflavored 2344
17 Niteworks - Herbalife Product list 6528
18 Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Orange Cream 500 g 1996
19 Dinoshake Strawberry 200g 1021
20 ShakeMate - Herbalife Products Price list 598
21 Multivitamin Mineral and Herbal Tablets 90 Tablets 1834
22 Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Vanilla 500 g 1996
23 Herbalife H24 Hydrate 1499
24 HN - Skin Booster - 30 Servings 3581
25 Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Strawberry 500 g 1996
26 Personalized Protein Powder 400 g 2276
27 Dinoshake Chocolate 200 g 1021
28 Cell Activator New 60 Tablets 2029
29 Herbalife Calcium Tablets 1101
30 Joint Support 2248
31 Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Kulfi 500 g 1996
32 Personalized Protein Powder 200 g 1885
33 Cell-U-Loss 90 Tablets 1562
34 Afresh Energy Drink Mix Peach 50 g 744
35 Simply Probiotic 2023
36 Aloe Plus 60 Capsules 970
37 Activated Fibre 90 Tablets 1499
38 Brain Health - Herbalife Product list Coming soon
39 Immune Health Coming soon

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Download Herbalife Products Price List Pdf

As usually we are known that when you are want to checking the price list again and again then it is more difficult to check overall time. Sometime the internet connection is interrupted, then online herbalife products list checking is overall is quite difficult.

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So, we create a Herbalife Product Price List Pdf that you can download it and save in your mobile device or your pc. After that you can easily use this Herbalife Product list anytime or anywhere.

So, you have given a link below to download the Pdf of the Herbalife Product Price list 2021. Simply click on that and download Herbalife Product Price List Pdf.


So, guy’s here we are discussing about Herbalife Products Price list 2021. With this topic we also provide you Herbalife Product Price List 2021 Pdf. Now you can easily download Herbalife Product Price list 2021 Pdf.

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FAQ related with Herbalife Product Price list 2021

So, guy’s now here we will be discussing some questions and answer related with the Herbalife Product Price list. These Questions and Answer are as follows:

Q.1. What are the side effects of the Herbalife Products?

There are few some side effects that are commons. These sides effects are as follows:

  • As we know, Nutrition Products is very energetic. These are complete your body needs. So after use Herbalife Products list, you have not feel the hungry. This is the common side effect.
  • Herbalife Products List are not suitable for everyone. It is only used by the 18+ peoples. These products are mainly used by the players and the gym’s person.
  • After continued use of these products, it may be damaged your liver by using more quantity.

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Q.2. What are the best products of the Herbalife?

There are some Products that are best products for use these products are as follows;

Sr. No Product Name Price (Rs.)
1 Woman’s choice 1139
2 Protein Bites 590
3 Formula 1 Nutrition Shake 1996
4 Afresh Energy Drink Mix Cinnamon 50 g 744
5 Afresh Energy Drink Mix Tulsi 50 g 744