mi Lifestyle id check | mi lifestyle id login [Full Details]

How to mi lifestyle id check ? How to mi lifestyle Id login ? how to check business and income in mi lifestyle ?

mi Lifestyle id check | mi lifestyle id login [Full Details]

Mi Lifestyle ID Check is a basic fundamental of Mi Lifestyle Company. In this article we will try to check how to check Mi Lifestyle Id Check. To checking your Id in Mi Lifestyle, you have followed some steps that I mentioned below.

With this Mi Lifestyle Id check, we also try to understand about Mi lifestyle Company website. Seriously to checking Mi Lifestyle ID using via two methods.

  • Mi Lifestyle Id Login Via Website
  • Mi Lifestyle Id Login Via App

So, these are the two sources to login Mi Lifestyle Company. We also explore these two types of the categories.

We have seen many times that peoples doesn’t able to open or login their Mi Lifestyle ID. But in this case or an article we provide you all type of full knowledge regarding to Mi Lifestyle ID Check.

Mi Lifestyle ID Check Via Website

There are few and simples’ steps to your Mi Lifestyle ID login that are mentioned below:

Step 1: First of all, Open the Chrome Browser and search Mi Lifestyle Marketing. Now you have seen some result on Google. You have to enter in the first link that you seen in the image that is given below.

Step 2: After entering in the Mi Lifestyle Marketing, you have seen the Login Link in the right side of the top Menus. You have to simply click on Login.

Step 3: After Click on Login, you seen a Login Screen. Now you have to enter the Username and the Password in it and now easily you login in it.

Note: If you forgotten your password, then you simply click on Forgot Password Button, that you have to seen below the login form.

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Step 4: When you are login in your Mi lifestyle form, then you seen the two buttons that is GST Acknowledgement and Update Later. When you are click on Update Later then it shows your Full KYC Status.

Home Tab

This is shows when your anyone type of KYC is not Completed. There are mainly four types of the KYC like Profile KYC, NEFT KYC, Pan Status, GST Status.

If anyone KYC is not completed in your case then it shows the popup to complete them. Now you can see your personal information like Your Name, User ID, Date of Joining, Rank, Sponsor Number, Team, Total PBV etc.

On the Right side you have seen total about your purchasing that you purchase any item. If purchase any item then how many amounts of purchase you acquire.

Profile Tab

There is the total information regarding you Mi Lifestyle ID Check. So, this is totally the login Mi Lifestyle Home Page. Now we are moving to the second tab that is Profile Tab.

In Profile Tab, you seen the many other optioned that we mentioned below:

Show Profile: In this section, you can check your profile like Username, Name of the applicant and many more. You can check your full profile with total details like bank account numbers, Sponsor etc.

Edit Profile: This section is helps you to edit your profile. Now can easily edit your profile with the help of edit profile.

KYC Process: If your KYC is incomplete then you can complete your KYC at in this section. All the images you can check below relates with KYC Process.

KYC For Downline: Like same as KYC Process, you can check the KYC of Downline.

Aadhar Details: In this section, you can check the Aadhar details of the applicant.

Update GST Number: By using the Update GST Number, you can easily update the GST Number.

Change Password: It helps to change the Password. By using this, you can easily change your password in just a few seconds.

Change Transection Password: By using this, you can change your transection password.

Reset Transection Password: It helps you to reset the password of the Transection Password.

Change Username: By using this, you can change your username by some simple steps. That means the username is a temporary number.

So, these are ten types of options in Profile tab. With the help of it you can manage your profile in the easily manners.

Mi Products

Start Shopping: This function helps you to start shopping.

Shop for Downline: This function is helps you to shopping for the downline.

My Orders: This section is helps you to check you all shopping order and manage all of them.

Shop for Downline Report: This function is helps you to get the overall report that you shopped for you downline.

So, these are the main four functions in the Mi Product Category. By using this, you can easily manage your Mi Products.


Tree view: This section is helps you to check your total tree view means you can see your downline members. You can how much numbers of peoples are associated with you.

Tabular View: This section is helps you to see the Tabular View. For more details you can see the image that you have provided below.

Direct Sponsor: By using this function, it helps you to check the direct sponsors.

Performance Bonus Check: In this function, you can easily check your Performance Bonus.

Check My Goal: By using this, you can check your goals that’s an amazing function.

DGV Details: By using this, you check the DGV Details easily.

BV Details: This function is helps you to check the total BV of your Business. BV stands for Business Volume.

Check My Loyalty Bonus: If you are a loyally member, then you can easily check the Loyalty Bonus.

Check My Rank Income: It helps you to check the rank income of yours.

Check My Thailand Contest GBV: This is helps you to check the Thailand Contest GBV.

Check My Baku Contest GBV: This function is helps you to check the Baku Contest GBV.

So, these are the eleven types of the function that you getting in the genealogy Tab. Hope you will enjoying all of them functions that provided by the Mi lifestyle ID Check Company or Mi Lifestyle ID Login.

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Guys, there are many other options, when you want to check your Mi Lifestyle Id Check then you can easily check them. So, similar way of the Mi Lifestyle Id Check.

Mi Lifestyle Id Check Via Mobile App

So, this is a simple and easy way to check the id details in the Mi lifestyle. We will discuss all of them step by step.

Step 1: First of all, Download the Mi Lifestyle Mobile App from the Google Play Store. You have to simply search the Mi lifestyle ID Login on the Google Play store and the Mi Lifestyle Mobile App is comes on your screen.

Step 2: Now when you download the Mi Lifestyle mobile app then you see the login function on the mobile screen. Simply click on it and login with the ID.

Step 3: So, please enter the Username and Password from the Login form and click on the login button below.

Step 4: Now you can easily get all details of Mi Lifestyle ID Check. All the menus are mentioned in the mobile app that you check on the Mi Lifestyle Id Check website.

So, these are the two ways to check the Mi Lifestyle Id Check. Hope you understand all of them in the clearly manners.


So, guys in this article I showed you to how to check you Mi Lifestyle ID Login and How to open it. We understand the all things by using the content and the impressive images.

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